What we do

Working together for the past seventeen years, Wilbert Greaves, Tony Barden and Sally Skea have formed Associated Events to combine their joint experience to offer a comprehensive and bespoke events service, at local, national and world class level.

During this time Wilbert and Tony with associated partners have created a distinctive way of providing their clients with top quality information, advice and the provision of services, in the areas of:

  • Event Management
  • Event Production and Presentation
  • Media Management

Conferences, Seminars and Exhibitions

Event Management

Associated Events can deliver events across all levels. Our services include:

  • Course/venue design and construction
  • Event logistics and execution
  • Co-ordination and liaison of activities with all local authorities and stakeholders
  • Negotiation and co-ordination with all contractors and suppliers
  • Event sponsorship and marketing
  • Road running
  • Track & field athletics
  • Duathlon
  • Multi terrain
  • BMX/Urban
  • Live TV / Sport production
  • Local seminars
  • Major industry conferences
  • Stage management
  • Show calling
  • TV/Sport Production – pre & post production

­Event Production and Presentation

Associated Events can provide you with pre/post production options helping you to gain live interaction with your audience during the event, and post production footage edited to the highest broadcast quality. This is delivered through our partnerships with respected industry broadcast professionals.

We also provide a creative input to your event giving you a professional overview on how to promote and project your company through the event and promotions industry.

Media Management

  • Flash quotes service – post race/match quotes directly after the event fed electronically to the media to ensure optimum use in event coverage
  • Mixed zone management with the booking of required facilities to suit all broadcasters
  • Athlete and media flow during the event
  • One-to-one interview opportunities, so you can communicate the latest news and reactions directly to your audiences

Photography management to ensure optimum picture opportunities

I have been lucky enough to work with Wilbert Greaves and Tony Barden for the best part of 30 years.

With regards to live events, you will not find a more professional, helpful, knowledgeable or reliable duo on the circuit.

They are first class operators offering a first class service

Andy Kay

Andy Kay Events

Associated Events covered maternity leave for my position of Technology and Creativity Manager for British Athletics from April 2015 for 12 months. Within this time they managed contractor logistics, health and safety, event presentation and other ad hoc duties as was required for the televised events series. I was nervous at first about a partnership of people coming in to do my job, however I needn’t have worried. They were exceptionally organised and allocated roles and tasks based on their character strengths and experience. The role was covered seamlessly.

Upon my return I was slightly apprehensive, however the handover sheets and communication from Associated Events made it feel like I had never been away. They made my return to work a pleasurable experience with very little stress involved. The Associated Events contract expired in April 2016 but they have been very amenable since the contract has ended should I have any additional queries.

I would highly recommend this team to work on any event.

Nicola Sedgley

Events and Creative Technology Manager, British Athletics

IAAF worked on many occasions with Associated Events, lately at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Birmingham 2018 and at our flagship event, the IAAF World Championships in London 2017. Working with Wilbert and Tony is always a pleasure. Their services are at the highest professional level, adaptable and flexible. For our events, we look for proactive, motivated and highly skilled team players and Wilbert and Tony do fit this profile 100%. Thank you for all your efforts! Unti the next one…

Florian Weber

Event Presentation Manager, IAAF


A passionate events manager with over 25 years experience in planning, coordinating and budgeting events across the financial services and sports events sectors. Expertise spans project management, planning and budgetary responsibilities for a variety of global events.

Tony Barden

A highly-motivated team player with a proven track record in business planning, accountability analysis, electronic communication and sports process I work effectively with personnel at all levels. I am used to managing and prioritising a demanding work load, whilst maintaining the professionalism essential to meet organisational expectations and requirements.

Wilbert Greaves